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This video will show you the easiest $300/Day Email Marketing Agency business you can start in 2021. This is one of the simplest ways to make money online compared to a social media marketing agency (SMMA), eCommerce, or Affiliate Marketing. It requires little experience, time to set up, or spending money on Facebook ads to get started.

The biggest reason starting an email marketing agency is superior to a social media marketing agency is that local businesses thrive off of local, repeat traffic. Not acquiring thousands of new customers from social media, which in and of itself is a hard skill to master as a beginner.

Because of this, local businesses are tired of being pitched left and right about social media marketing. Not only that, the ones who have signed on are so jaded by paying these agencies for months and never seeing any results.

Email marketing is different… 

Implementing email marketing into any existing business already generating sales will guarantee a minimum 20% increase in sales if done properly.

Our secret weapon for this method is going to be ProfileMate (or any other Instagram lead scraping tool). This is going to allow us to collect hundreds if not thousands of email addresses from local customers to promote your client’s business to.

These tools are extremely easy to use. Just create your account, enter the criteria you’re looking for such as your client’s location and let it work its magic. You can narrow down these email leads further too based on follower count, certain keywords and etc.

So now that you’re collecting email leads not just from your client’s customer, but from your lead scraping tool, how do you go about contacting these leads and sending them promotions for your client?

For this, I recommend setting up a simple AWeber account for your client. AWeber is probably the cheapest and easiest email marketing tools (or autoresponders) for beginners to jump in and use. The best part is, it’s free to use up to your first 500 leads.

📣  The Bullet Point Sales Script:

This is the ultimate sales script for this type of service. It’s simple, straightforward forward and uses logic to make your clients sell THEMSELVES on your service. Here’s how it works…

– First, you’re going to ask your potential client, about how many people come into your business every day? Let’s say they respond with 150. That’s 4500 a month and about 50,000 a year.

– Next, ask them how many of those 50,000 are on their email list? 8 out of 10 times they’ll say none of them and explain that they don’t have an email list. This is your perfect foot in the door.

– Next, you’ll ask them; So when a customer buys from you and walks out your door, how do you know if they’ll be coming back? Their response typically is how they don’t know, or nothing at all.

– Explain to them, I don’t care how good your service is or how much people love your business… There are thousands of other businesses fighting for your customer’s attention every day, on this street and online.

– Add in the fact that you’re sure they’ve been pitched by a dozen “social media marketing agencies” who’ve promised you results and nothing ever seemed to come of it. This positions your service as different while showing sympathy with the client to build rapport.

– Next, you’ll lay it out to them like this: So what if you just got 1 out of 3 to give you their email when they came in? What if every time you serve a customer, you offer to them to save 10% immediately off their meal/item that day just for giving you their email address?

– State how, the value of having 15,000 PAYING customers on an email list that you can contract at any time, not restricted by any algorithm or outside platforms that you own forever is infinitely valuable. These are people who’ve already said, “I like this restaurant and I will pay to eat here.” So when you notify them of a special, they’re 10x more likely to give you money than selling new people on social media.

Using this simple script and being ready to answer any questions that come about is one of your best bets to close local businesses on this agency model. Separating yourself from a social media marketing agency and using logic to break it down to them like this is powerful.