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In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how I made $2047 with text message marketing step-by-step. Better yet, I’m going to show you how to do it for free. This is great for Shopify dropshipping, affiliate marketing, consulting, webinar followups or any other way you make money online or need to update any list of people.

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We’re going to be using a tool called Porterhouse. It’s a free Mac app created by Cecil Worsley on GitHub. Instead of randomly blasting mass text messages to your contacts with all the restrictions that come along with it, Porterhouse automates the process of manually sending individual, personalized iMessages and texts to your list, completely hands-free.

Text message marketing (SMS marketing, iMessage marketing, whatever you want to call it…) is an extremely powerful and underrated marketing and sales channel. Some case studies show that text messages have an average open rate of over 90% compared to emails that have a 30% open rate on a good day! I’m also going to share a quick tip on how to easily upload your list as a contact group inside of your iCloud account.

💸 Now how exactly did I make two $1000 sales in one day using text message marketing?

I went into my EverWebinar account and exported the list of people who registered to view one of our high ticket webinars. I sent a follow-up text to everybody who viewed the webinar but didn’t purchase with a link to the sales page and a separate text to everybody who registered for the webinar but didn’t attend sending them back to the registration page.

This resulted in two high ticket sales of our coaching offer each valued at $1000+ and it didn’t cost a penny to do. Better yet it only took about 15 minutes to set up the software and import my list.

Now… before you jump right into this, let me give you a very important disclaimer on text message marketing. The FTC like with all other forms of marketing, unfortunately, have some pretty dystopian restrictions on how, when and what you can send to your leads with SMS marketing. Please make sure you do a little research on what the most current regulations are and make sure the leads you’re sending iMessages to have all opted to receive messages. Not abiding by these rules and regulations can quickly get you into some hot water.

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is download the Porterhouse app or another app with the same functionality and connect it to the phone number you want to use. Then, importing your leads is usually the hardest part, but its no nightmare. It’s just a matter of exporting and importing your leads wit the right format, file type and etc. Once you find a workflow to do this you’ll just copy it each time and keep adding new leads to your contacts.

Porterhouse uses your Apple iCloud contacts to send texts to your leads so I recommend creating separate groups to keep things organized. Especially if you use your contacts for personal matters and don’t want it filled with thousands of random people.

Oddly Apple doesn’t let you create new contact groups from your iPhone or Mac contacts app. You need to use the web version of iCloud. So head over there, click on contacts and create a new group for your leads and you’re ready to import. BUT… You need to have your leads in a vCard contact format. The problem is 95% of the leads you export are going to be in CSV spreadsheet files. So how can you fix this without spending hours editing the file and matching the right format manually? Google Contacts.

Google contacts will let you upload a standard CSV file right form your autoresponder and export them as a vCard file that iCloud is looking for. Easy! If you don’t see your new group showing up in the app right away just reopen it or click the refresh button.

Now you’re ready to send your first campaign. Porterhouse lets you use personalizations like inserting your leads first and last name and even upload and attach files with your texts.

Once you’re ready, save your broadcast as a draft or send it immediately. Just remember, this app emulates the manually sending of multiple SMS messages through the Messages app on your Mac so once you hit start don’t touch the mouse or keyboard and let it do it’s thing.

Once you click start you’re going to want to let go of your keyboard and mouse and let the app do it’s thing. It’s going to take over the controls and start sending individual text messages to each contact on your list. Just sit back and watch Porthouse work it’s magic until its done.

Text message marketing isn’t just great for sales. You can use an app like this to follow up with your students as a teacher, update your entire team about a project or keep your consulting clients up to date. I’m curious to see the creative ways you guys use this method down in the comments below.

Video Transcript:

In this video, I’ll show you exactly how I made $2,000 with text message marketing in 24 hours, and how you can copy the exact method I’ve been using completely free. What’s going on guys? Matthew Sabia here, so I’m going to be showing you how to use this free tool and free method I found to send free unlimited text messages to your entire list. This is the exact method I use to close two high ticket thousand dollar sales within 24 hours, by following up at some of our webinar leads. Now the way this app works, instead of sending one massive blast out to thousands of contacts at once, it leverages the messages app on your computer to send individual personalized text messages to a group of contacts. This allows you to circumvent all the expenses and restrictions of using a standard text message marketing service or autoresponder.

Oh, you have to do is hit send, let go the keyboard and mouse and let it do its thing. It’s really cool. What I did was I logged into my EverWebinar’s account and I exported two groups of people. People who register for the webinar and didn’t attend, I send them a text message with their registration page again. Or someone did attend the webinar and they didn’t purchase at the end, I simply sent them a link to the sales page so they could get that same offer. But you guys got to keep in mind, I’m going to show you how to do that step by step, but I’m also going to show you how to use this with your Shopify eCommerce business. So what you could do, is you could export your Shopify customer base in the same format, upload into this tool and update customers with new products anytime you want.

Now, one more thing before I jump into this, I want you guys to understand just how powerful this really is. You know, text message marketing is kind of like email marketing back in the nineties. I don’t know if you guys remember that or not, but we’re seeing these crazy 90% plus open rates as compared to email marketing, where on a good day, maybe you’ll see a 30% open rate on your list. Some of it comes down to the fact that there’s not that many people doing this right now. And we think about when you get a text message, you’re pretty likely to open it on your phone, right? As compared to email where you probably just wake up every day now and just want to hit the delete key on your entire inbox. So this is a really powerful tool for no matter what you’re doing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce consulting, or maybe non-business related stuff, or you’re just a teacher and you want to update your entire class all at once or whatever you want to use this for.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and hop into my computer. I’m going to show you step-by-step how I set this up. Now the app that we’re going to be using is called Porterhouse. Okay, so the first thing you want to do is head over to and that’s going to allow you to download the tool we’re going to be using in this video. Now you guys hear me say this all the time. Once this tool inevitably disappears a couple months after this video goes up, just find another one. Don’t be helpless, use Google. There’s always other tools to use. Don’t become romantic about the tools and services you use. But once you guys go ahead and install the app, it’s going to look something like this. Now as you can see, I’ve already tested this a little bit. I have some test broadcasts and here are some of our drafts that have actually been sent.

But the whole interface is very, very simple. So as you can see, you’re going to have the option to create a new message right here. Now the title is simply something that you’re going to call this message to keep it organized. So we could do something like a test message. And then down here, as you can see, we could use these tags. So similar with using email autoresponder, we could do something like, “Hey, first name, go check out my new YouTube video.” And then we can paste in a link. And another thing you could also do inside of Porterhouse is actually use attachments. So you can upload different images. I’m sure small videos are going to work as well, but once you have that set and ready to go, you just go down here and you select the group of contact.

Now this is going to pull in all the contacts inside of your Apple iCloud account, so you do need to have all the contacts in a specific group to send them out as you were doing with an email list. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. Now, the example that I was showing you guys earlier when I made those two high ticket sales, was by exploiting the contacts from my EverWebinar account and importing them into my iCloud contacts and sending this text message blast. So I actually had to log into the old version of EverWebinar because that’s where all my webinar contacts were. I choose the webinar that I want. I go down here to registrants and attendees and I simply export it the entire contact list. Now as much as I wish it was as simple as exploring those leads, putting them in the app and sending your marketing campaigns, there’s one little roadblock I’m going to show you guys how to get around.

Apple contacts needs what’s called a V card file format, so it’s the only type of file format they accept and there is a way to convert that CSV file into a V card file. Once you export them, it’s going to give you a regular CSV file like this one right here. Now this is fine and all, you know, if you’re uploading until like an email marketing tool or something like that, but this format is not going to work to upload to your contacts. Now I’m going show you guys a quick little hack that I found to turn a CSV file into a regular contact file and upload it into your iCloud account. And what you’re going to be using to do that is actually Google contacts. So go to and let me show you how this works.

You’re going to come over here to import. We’re going to select that file and once you go ahead and let that upload, it’s going to put all of those contacts inside of your Google contacts. Now how do we take these and export them over to iCloud? Well, all we need to do is head over here on the left hand side. We’re going to go export and you want to make sure you select the V card format. This is what I was telling you about before, and click on export. Now that’s going to take just a second to complete. As you can see, it’s already exported all of our contacts. So once you have that, it’s time to upload them to your Apple contacts. Now listen, unless you just want thousands of random people flooding your contacts and in your phone from your webinars or your Shopify store, whatever it is, I recommend you make a separate contact group to keep them in. So it’s going to help you keep it organized, just the same way that you would make separate email lists inside your autoresponder.

Now here’s one weird thing. Apple kind of makes it a little bit complicated to do this. You can’t do it on the contacts on your phone. You can’t do it on your computer, but you can do it on So go to, go in to contacts, and you’re going to see an option to make new groups in there. As you can see, I’ve already tested this. I’ve already put the webinar leads into a group. Go over here, click on the plus icon, new group, and we’re going to go, let’s say webinar leads two. Now once you’ve done that, you’re going to have a new group and all you need to do is go over here to the gear icon. You’re going to go to import V card and we’re going to select the one we just exported from Google right here. So the .VCF file.

So I’m going to click on open. We’re going to let that import, and as you can see some of these, it is going to have an error. The reason for that is a lot of these contacts are not going to have a phone number. They’re just going to have an email or maybe some of them were formatted wrong, but you can just go ahead and go into the actual spreadsheet file and see if you want to fix some of those up, but you can fix some of those errors. But for the sake of this example, I’m just going to go with what we have right here. All these people are now imported right into your iCloud contacts, which means if we go back over here to Porterhouse, actually let me just minimize the browser right here. If we cancel onto this, we go to new message.

If we scroll down, you’re going to notice we have the webinar leads two group showing up right here in our contacts. If it doesn’t show up right away, you’ll just close and open the app again and it’s going to re-sync all of your contacts. So once you see that in here, we’re going to click on add all, and that’s going to add all those contacts to this blast that we’re about to send out. So if I scroll all the way back up here, again we can just add a title in here. So this is going to be a test blast two, and let’s say again, we are promoting that webinar that these leads came from. So I can go, “Hey, first name, I notice you attended my last webinar but didn’t stay until the end.” Of course, we could also add emojis in here for a little sad face, right?

And then we could just go, “But the good news is you can watch the replay here.” And you can just go ahead and paste them the link or the link to re-register for the webinar or whatever the message is that you want to send out. And once you’ve gone ahead and done that, you just want to go here to create message. And once you create the message, it’s going to show up in the list right here. And all you need to do is click on the send button, once you’re ready to go. So it’s going to add it as a draft and you could send that later on whenever you want. So you could actually schedule a couple blasts to go out all at the same time without sending them. Okay, so now that you guys understand how the software works and how to set this all up, I’m going to show you quickly how you can leverage this for your Shopify business as well.

So let’s hop back into my computer and I’ll show you that really quick before we wrap up. All you have to do is head over to the customers tab inside your Shopify dashboard and you want to head over to accepts marketing. Because again, like I said, you only want to import people who have already opted in to receive marketing messages from your business. Once you’ve done that, click on the little select all button right here. Click on select all, 50 plus customers. Go to export and make sure you’re on the selected customers option. Once you have that, click on export customers, it’s going to send the list to your email address. Once you have that, just do the same thing as before. Put in the Google contacts, export the right format and you’re going to be good to go. 

But overall, most importantly, make sure every person on this list has opted in to receive marketing messages. You can’t just upload a bunch of random people and then spam them with marketing content. Let’s say, you’re using your webinars like I was, make sure on your registration pages people are opting in with their phone number to receive updates. In your Shopify stores, make sure on checkout they’re giving you their phone numbers and opting in to receive marketing materials as well. But make sure you’re following all the rules and regulations, and you guys are going to be good to go. Just use this at your own risk.

Now, one big disclaimer I need to give you guys, is that this video is for educational purposes only. If you use this method to do anything really stupid or you abuse this in any way, you’re not following the current FTC guidelines and regulations when it comes to text message marketing, I am not responsible. Make sure you guys are looking at what the latest regulations are and you’re abiding by that. There are some regulations when it comes to text messaging and I want you guys to go ahead and check that out. You know, there is this seemingly global crusade against innovation, against business owners, against people like yourself, and it’s always cloaked as you know, like privacy regulations or consumer protections or whatever buzz word the politicians want to use. 

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So I come on every weekend, hang out with you guys for a couple of hours. We answer questions, we hang out. It’s really a fun time. So if you guys want to check that out, click the notification bell, turn on all notifications that says, and also leave a comment down below. If you have a question about anything, I try and answer as many as I possibly can. So again, I really hope you guys can use this method to expand your business and I’m interested to see exactly what you’re going to do with this. So guys, again, my name is Matthew Sabia. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.