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If you own a Shopify store / eCommerce business and you’re not doing email marketing, you’re leaving BIG money on the table. In this video I’m going to show you how to 3x your revenue using email marketing and give away the 3 key emails you need to be using today.

Too many Shopify store owners make the mistake of paying for new customers over and over again. Every time you need a purchase you need to pay Facebook a fee. Instead, you should learn how to OWN your customers and get them on your email list. This allows you to market to your customers whenever you want, with no restrictions and most importantly, for free. Not restricted by any other platform or algorithm.

In this video, I’ll be showing you the basics, but I’ll be making some more videos on more advanced email marketing methods for Shopify including split testing, advanced conditional logic, and other unique flows we use in our stores.

Repeat buyers are the key to generating real scale in your eCommerce business. And it starts today with email marketing.

First things first. You need to follow up with people who abandon their cart on your website with reminders. Just because someone doesn’t complete their checkout doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Maybe they didn’t have their credit card on hand or they were distracted by a text.

The abandoned cart flow starts with a simple reminder asking the customer to return to their saved cart. After that, you will send out a few additional emails offering progressively larger discounts for 2-3 days until the customer either buys or loses interest.

Next is a not-so-secret weapon we use to maximize how much we make on every Shopify sale. Bounce back-emails.

Bounce-back emails are messages that are sent out immediately after a customer makes a purchase offering them a big discount on a select product or a certain collection on the website. You would be surprised just how many take you up on this.


There is no possible warmer lead to send a marketing email to than someone who JUST purchased a product on your website. So offer a generous discount and get these sent out right away.

Last, but certainly not least will be the initial coupon flow emails. This will be the primary way you get potential customers onto your list. These are the emails that are sent out immediately upon opting in on your website in exchange for a discount on their order.

For these to work, you’ll have to add a pop-up or other opt-in form to your website. This is super simple to do right through Klaviyo which is free to use. Then just set up the trigger to add all of these subscribers to the coupon flow.

Have the first email send out right away then send multiple followups every 24 hours based on whether the lead has made a purchase or not. Setting up conditional logic like this is easy to do.

All of these email flows should be the initial integration customers have with your email marketing, but all should later lead to what we call a “welcome flow” which will be emails sent out every 2-3 days to keep in touch with your customers and give them more information about your brand.

Implementing these 3 core emails into your marketing can easily 3x your Shopify sales if you’re not using them already. I’ll be making some more advanced videos in the near future on split testing, advanced conditional logic, and more unique flows we use to maximize revenue.

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