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In this video I’m going to show you how to make $100 a day with Kindle books without writing a single word of your own content or publishing any books on Amazon.

This video was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend who recently lost her job and I was giving her perspective on just how many simple and easy ways there are to make money online today.

So I’m going to be laying out multiple ways you guys can start making money with Kindle books as soon as tonight.

Kindle eBook Cover Design

This is one of the best ways to make money with Kindle books on this list. Designing eBook covers for Kindle books can be extremely lucrative as you can see from the example I gave in the video. There are some Fiverr sellers making over $100,000 a year just designing Kindle eBook covers.

Now to design covers, you have a few different options…

You can design the covers yourself in a tool like Photoshop. Whether you already have some design skills or you want to give yourself a quick crash course on it from YouTube, it’s simpler than you may think and it’s a skill that you’ll thank yourself for learning later on.

Or, you can design your covers from templates you find online. There are plenty of Photoshop templates for eBook covers you can find just by Googling them and insert your customer’s information.

Kindle .KDP Formatting

This one is pretty straight forward.

When you publish a book on the Kindle store on the Amazon marketplace it needs to be uploaded in the correct KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) file type. Amazon has plenty of how to articles and there are great videos on YouTube as well showing you how to convert a Kindle PDF to a .KDP file for your client to publish to the Kindle Marketplace.

A lot of first time Kindle publishers struggle with this and it’s a great simple service you can provide for some extra cash on Fiverr or other freelance websites.

Kindle eBook Editting

This one os pretty self explanatory. They say that it’s near impossible to edit your own writing. Your brain automatically skims over your copy because it’s written in your own voice. Your brain will also ignore many mistakes that another person may not…

So not only is this a high demand skill, but it’s an easy sell to people who are searching for it.

There are a lot of tools such as Grammarly that will make this process easier too. You can use these tools to edit and format your Kindle book quickly and easily and get paid a decent amount for each one. 

You will typically want to change by the amount of works in the book for this gig.

Build Funnels For Kindle Publishers

This is probably my favorite on the list. If you have any internet marketing experience you know that having a high converting funnel or optin page is vital to your success. So building a simple funnel for Kindle eBooks and their publishers is a great freelance service you can provide.

Explain to potential clients how powerful having an email list to promote not just their eBooks and their other products to, but affiliate offers and other content can really be. Today, building funnels is extremely simple and easy using a tool like ClickFunnels with their pre-made templates and easy drag and drop editor.

Even better yet, you can use my link to get a 14 day free trial and an eBook funnel template ready to go: 

Kindle Niche & Keyword Research

Anybody getting into Kindle publishing knows that Kindle niche research and Kindle keyword research is extremely important. So important that they will gladly pay you to do this for them.

Whether your client is a beginner publisher who’s a writer just looking to expand their audience or a seasoned Kindle entrepreneur who’s publishing dozens of new books per week, there is a massive audience for this service.

Get Paid To Read And Review Kindle Books

Yes, really. There are thousands of Kindle publishers that will pay you to review their Kindle eBooks.

The more reviews a Kindle book has, the higher it will rank and the better it will sell. So the question of how to get more Kindle reviews has been answered time and time again.