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Everybody knows that the key to building a successful eCommerce drop-shipping business starts with selecting a winning product to sell.

You can use a service like ProductsDFY to have experienced media buyers do the work for you, but it’s always smart to understand the process yourself.

First I want to dispel a myth that cripples people’s efforts and plagues the topic of product research which is the word “Saturation”

The idea that if a product is already being sold successfully by other marketers, that prevents you from doing the same. The idea that you should find an “unsaturated” product that nobody else is selling (and nobody wants) is a smart thing to do.

Let me translate… “Saturation” is amateur entrepreneur language for “People are making a sh*tload of money with this product.”

The easiest way to make money in eCommerce or any other space is to model what’s already working. Re-inventing the wheel is never the solution.

The product research model we use in every single one of our 7-figure+ eCom brands is to go onto Facebook, find an existing ad with great engagement, and model it. (Not copy it. Model it.)

A great way to start filling your Facebook feed with more eCom ads is to make sure you like, comment, and click the shop now button on every ad you see. This tells Facebook that you’re an “engaged shopper” and will start filling your feed with more ads.

You can also use a tool like TurboAdFinder for Chrome to filter your feed down to only the ads and sponsored posts.

What I like to do is take every ad with high engagement (100k+ video views, 300+ likes and comments, etc) and place them into a Google sheet that will help you breakdown the data and decide which product to run.

I’ll post a link up above to import to copy my exact template into your Google docs account. It already includes the macros that will calculate your profit margin and other data for you.

The criteria I look for in a winning product is:

  • The item must be selling at least 35-50 units per day according to the AliExpress dropship center.
  • You must be able to sell the item at retail for at least 3x the supplier’s price (COG).
  • The item does not require large amounts of consumer education to sell well.
  • It has reasonable shipping times from a reliable US-based supplier which you can communicate with.

The next step is to model your competitor’s website which is why we always collect links to their ads and their website/funnel in the Google sheet.

I want to be very clear that you don’t want to COPY their ads and their website. This can get you flagged on Facebook and fall into intellectual property disputes down the road.

You want to MODEL their ads and website. Follow the same template and create your own version.

Another quick tip to spy on your competitors and find their best selling products is to visit their website and add “?sort_by=best-selling” to the end of the URL.

This will make Shopify show you a list of their best to worst selling items you can model into new campaigns or use as upsells in your funnel.

If you follow this process, model what’s already working, and build your funnel the right way your success is inevitable.

I wish you the best of luck!

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