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In this video, I’m going to show you one of the many services that will let you rent your Facebook profile to and earn a free, passive $235 a month. This site will pay you $55 every week to your PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp just for letting the gain access to the advertising privileges on your account.

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This is 100% safe to do and does not affect the use of your Facebook account or put it at risk in any way.  You’ll actually be assigned a dedicated account manager to speak to and they even have a 1-800 number you can contact if you need any help. I’ve both rented profiles To this company and purchased access to profiles from them without any complaints.

Now you may be wondering, why on earth would these companies want to rent access to your Facebook profile?

It’s pretty simple actually. In the world of Facebook advertising, keeping both Facebook ad accounts and business managers open is a 24/7 challenge. And for large marketing agencies or independent marketers, this becomes exponentially difficult at scale.

The first thing you do when your first ad account(s) gets shut down is go to your family and friends and ask to use their accounts, but in the end, this well drys up pretty fast. And if you’re wondering, why not just open a new Facebook account yourself? No chance in the world. Facebook collects tends of thousands of data points on every user and there is absolutely no way to just open a new account and start running your ads again. It NEEDS to be a real profile connected to a real person’s years of activity making each profile extremely valuable.

That’s where you and a service like RenyMyProfiles comes in… Ad agencies like this will gladly pay you over $235 a month just to rent your profile which you now understand is extremely valuable in the marketing world.

Again, this does not affect your Facebook experience or put your account in danger in any way. And no, before you ask, you will not be charged or responsible for any of the ads run with the business manager side of your account.

One important caveat is that only profiles that have never run any type of ads before will be eligible for this. To double-check, simply head over to and see if it prompts you to create a new account. If so, you’re good to go. But if you see a business manager dashboard with advertising info and data, you’ve used this account to tun ads at some point in time and will not be able to rent your profile.

But once you’re ready to go, just head over to, click on the “Apply Instantly” button and fill out the short application on the next page. Once you’re approved you will be contacted by and assigned a dedicated account manager that will help you get paid and be if you have any issues in the future.

I want you guys to think bigger than just a single profile too… Go to your friends, your family members, and anyone else who would give you access to their account and submit them to services like this as well to rent out and make extra cash every month. Only 5 profiles can net you about $1000 every single month for absolutely no work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and can take advantage of this to start generating some easy passive income every single week. Don’t forget to smash the like button for the YouTube algorithm, click subscribe to see more videos like this, and turn on notifications to join me on my weekly live streams.

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