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I have seen complete IDIOTS run circles around people with near 4-digit IQs simply because they understand this principle of focus and self-discipline.

The fact is it is very easy to build a $10,000 – $40,000 A month business if you have an internet connection and do what I’m about to show you. Unless you understand these principals and know how to activate deep work, you will NEVER make any money online or build a real business. Period.

You Can Watch The Full Video I Made On It Here:

Developing a laser-targeted sense of focus and take you from a complete wantrepreneur who is broke, sick and miserable to a 7-figure operator in a matter of months. Understanding the importance of this took me from $50,000 in debt to now making over 7-figures a year online.

Young entrepreneurs have been brainwashed into thinking success is being a neurotic clown and being a professional attention wh*re on Instagram. Posting photos next to supercars and motivational quotes.

What is deep work? Besides being the name of my education business, The scientific term for “being in the zone” and activating a flow state. The technique that military special forces and billionaires use to unlock their full IQ and lethal levels of productivity. This skill is what allows elite operators to accomplish in days what others do in months.

Your subconscious mind has been brainwashed for failure by the modern world and you need to rise above this noise to dedicate your finite energy into the success of your business/mission and your own fulfillment.

It’s important to understand that every “method” to make money online works. Whether that’s eCommerce & Shopify, affiliate marketing, running a social media marketing agency (“SMMA”), selling your own digital courses and info products, dropshipping or anything else you may find.

The biggest problem that wrecks new entrepreneurs is what we call Shiny-Object-Syndrome.

90% of so-called internet entrepreneurs who try and build an income online fail because the moment things get a little hard or they don’t become rich overnight, they switch to the latest “method” that every guru and 17-year-old on YouTube with a webcam is talking about.

You can’t cheat the universe. There is a certain way things work. Business is about problem-solving and building an efficient machine through trial and error, hard work and time. Jumping to the latest trend is not going to make you rich.

The magic word here is focus. And what are the top things that wreck your focus, attention span and is an overall toxic influence on your life?

📲 Your Phone

💬 Social Media

👨‍🎤 Your Social Life

If you want to build an income online and create a real business, these three things need to be severely limited or removed from your life entirely.

During my workday, my phone is on airplane mode in a drawer in the other room. There is no way to contact me one on one and steal time from me. I’ve engineered my work environment to ensure that nobody can break my focus / deep work state and you need to emulate this too.

You need to learn to close the windows, lock the doors and disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and focus on your purpose. This state allows you to literally unlock your full IQ and become dangerously productive.

The next main take away should be vowing to never make or accept phone calls of any type and eliminate any if all ways to contact you one on one. (Outside of 2-3 critical contacts you may need to keep for practical reasons.)

Personally, I have not made or accepted a phone call in the past 4 years and refuse to work with anybody who prefers it. This is the most archaic, and inefficient forms of communication that needs to die.

You know the saying more people more bullsh*t? Well if you want to become a real entrepreneur, you need to treat this as gospel.

The example I always like to use is Elon Musk. During a critical time growing both his car company Tesla and his rocket company SpaceX, Elon admitted in an interview that he almost bankrupted both companies because he was splitting his focus between the two.

So let me ask you…

If genius billionaire Elon Musk had trouble working on two things, what makes you think you can do 37?

I hope this video helps you finally take the steps you need to build a real income online and get closer to the freedom or desires you really deserve.