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Thanks to social media creating a business environment where network marketing or “multi-level marketing” can thrive, it’s making a noticeable comeback. It’s also gaining back the respect the industry once lost.

One of the biggest benefits for someone in your position is the fact that you can run your entire business right from your phone. (Hell, without even leaving your bed.)

Here are some methods I recommend to get you started

Before reaching out to new contacts and generating fresh leads through social media, make sure you’re taking advantage of your exciting contacts and people already in your network.

Take Advantage of Your Existing Network

Create a list of exciting contacts who you believe may be interested in your product. Organize them into a spreadsheet or note if it makes things easier.

DO NOT over qualify these contacts. One of the most common mistakes people fall into is pre-qualifying leads and essentially saying no on their behalf. Leads are worth more than just a sale (more on that in a minute).

Set aside one day to reach out to these contacts via email, text or if necessary, by phone and explain to them what you’re doing and how your product or service can benefit them.

If YES, proceed with the sale or follow up if necessary. If NO, do not get discouraged. thank them for their time and ask them if they know of anyone who may be interested. This is the key to getting the most value out of a lead.

Rinse and repeat. These leads alone may keep you busy for a while.

Social Media Hustle – How to Get Real Results

First things first, make sure you have a foundation to build on. If you don’t have them already go and create accounts on all major social networks. Mainly Instagram, Twitter and in this case I highly recommend Linkedin.

I’ll be using Instagram as an example because I find it the most effective and has the largest audience for any industry. These basic principals apply pretty much anywhere.

Note: Some network marketing companies actually provide basic guidelines on the best practices to follow when setting up your accounts and posting content. Personally, I’d take their marketing advice with a grain of salt, but make sure there are no blacklisted words or terms they don’t want associated with their brand before you begin.

The image below shows a great example of how to setup your profile. Instagram only allows 150 characters in your bio, so make them count. Use your bio to list 3–4 key features including some text pointing to your website link with a call to action.

Use emojis to make your profile stand out and show off the features of your product. (Just don’t over-do it…)

1 – What Do I Post?

I follow the “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” approach to marketing ( a term coined by Gary Vaynerchuk) almost religiously. It’s the idea of giving overwhelming value for free (jabs), then offering even more value for a price and pitching your product (the right hook).

(I highly recommend his best-selling book going in-depth on the idea. You can grab a copy from Amazon.)

Let’s say you’re selling a business product or marketing course.

You may consider posting quotes, advice, and tips on marketing/business on your page offering real, practical value to your followers and periodically posting offers pointing them to your product.

On Instagram, it’s generally acceptable to copy and re-post other’s content as long as you’re tagging and giving credit to the original author. Especially when you’re first starting out. But creating simple valuable content of your own is easier than ever with free design tools like Canva.

2 – When Do I Post?

Upon setting up your Instagram account you’ll be prompted to connect it to a corresponding Facebook page for your business.

This is a must.

Connecting your account to Facebook and converting it to a “business profile” Instagram will start collecting and showing you extremely valuable data about your account including where your customers/followers live, when they’re online (aka the best time to post) and more.

This process takes about a week on average to begin and collect enough data so do this as soon as Instagram gives you the option.

3 – Now, How Do I Generate Traffic and Leads?

At the end of the day, you’re playing a numbers game. Your results are directly dependent on the hours you’re willing to put in. If you’re serious about seeing results, but on a pot of coffee and put in the time every day.

Now for the fun part.

Remember that spreadsheet of your exciting contacts in your network we made earlier? We’re going to make another one, but this time you’ll be collecting a list of your top 10 biggest competitors social media accounts. (Right now we’re still targeting Instagram)

You’ll want to collect accounts with a minimum of 10,000+ followers with good engagement. Engagement meaning their photos get a considerable amount of likes and comments in proportion to their following.

Example: If an account has 100,000 followers, but only gets 500 likes per photo, it’s a clear sign they’re followers are most likely fake and not engaged with their content.

This first method, though admittedly a bit cheap and somewhat spammy way to go about things, but if you’re just starting off it’s still an easy and pretty effective way to start generating traffic and followers on your profile from scratch.

What you’ll need to do is pull up one of your competitor’s accounts and begin interacting with their followers with the hope of them returning the favor and following you back. (and hopefully turning into a lead.)

Open a photo and tap where it displays the number of likes. This will display a list of users who’ve liked the photo for you to reach out to.

The method I’ve found most effective is:

  1. Following the user
  2. Liking 2–3 of their photos
  3. Leaving a relevant comment.

In my experience this method yields around a 30% follow back. (eg if you do this to connect with 1000 people you’ll gain 300 new followers on average).

Direct Outreach and Networking with Other Users

In my experience, this method yields around a 30% follow back. (eg if you do this to connect with 1000 people you’ll gain 300 new followers on average)

Don’t forget about the ability to message people directly. Make sure you spend some time replying to your direct messages, reaching out to potential leads and networking with others.

One of the most effective way’s is cross promoting your account with others in your niche.

On Instagram this is called trading shoutouts.

There is one main thing to remember before you do this… If you’re asking someone for something you better offer them more value in return. Don’t be that person asking for handouts or looking for shortcuts to this.

If you have 5,000 followers and the account you’re contacting has 15,000, offer 3 shoutouts in exchange for 1. Maybe even a free coaching call or something else they would find valuable.

Rinse and Repeat.

These are clearly very basic, simple methods to social media marketing, but it’s enough to get you started. I used Instagram here as an example, but the same basic principals apply anywhere.